Home Staging

Before showing to any Buyers, check your home for proper staging, inside and outside. Try to look at your home “through a buyer’s eyes”.

The items listed below could bring you a return on your investment and a quicker sale.




Clear kitchen countertop

Clear the refrigerator of all items such as magnets, calendars, photos, etc.

Clear all unnecessary furniture items throughout the house

Rearrange or remove some of the furniture in your home.

Thin out overcrowded rooms to make the rooms look larger

Take down family photos. Rearrange or reduce other photos.

Paint and patch all walls, if necessary. When in doubt, paint.

Clean all windows, carpet and draperies if needed

Get a storage unit to store extra possessions

Turn on all lights and play light background music for all showings


Curb appeal provides the first impression to many buyers.

Check the condition of the paint, especially the doors and trim

Clear patios, decks and lanais of small items that clutter the area- flower pots, grills, toys, pool accessories, etc.

Examine all plants and prune/trim as needed. Put down fresh mulch.

Remove all trash from the home perimeter. Place in garage or take it to the dump.

Clean and repair gutters

Keep lawn freshly cut, edged and fertilized during growing season